Your good friend Dr. MacDonald has been developing a time-travelling car which he aims to use to allow a person to travel backwards or forwards in time. He states that he has tested each of the components separately and has tested the system as a whole by using two synchronised clocks (one of which is sent 1 minute into the future with the car. When the car reappeared, there was exactly 1 minute of difference between the clocks).

He states that he is now happy to use the system and wishes to be the first person to travel in time.


Dr. MacDonald has hired you at this late stage in development to consult about the level of testing he has carried out so far and if he needs to do any more.

So, the task is simply this. What questions would you ask Dr. MacDonald about the system and its testing?

Please take no longer than 30 minutes to come up with as many questions as you can.