The testers are all working in the test group of an IT company. It's Friday afternoon and your test manager has just sent you an email.


as you know I'm playing in a band and we have a gig tonight. Unfortunately our hardware compressor broke down and we absolutely need one. Since technology has moved on a bit since I bought it it's now possible to use a software compressor as a plugin to the music software we're using.

I'd really like to use this plugin but need to know if it's stable enough for me to use during our gig tonight - it would look really bad if it crashed our laptop while we're playing. Our laptop is essential to playing live and can't go down.

The compressor will be used on individual tracks and on the main buss - a fast attack is vital, can it do that?

I have to head off to the venue now but you can send me an SMS if you have questions or to let me know if this plugin is suitable. If it isn't I might have another alternative but the sooner I know the better.

I attached an archive that contains all you need to test this compressor plugin. Please send me an answer within the next hour, I won't forget that you helped me out today.

Your test manager.